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For help obtaining any of the services below, contact the DSB District Office nearest you.

Rehabilitation Center for the Blind

After a substantial visual loss, many people will need a comprehensive program to develop personal and vocational skills to live and work independently.

The Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, located on the campus of The Governor Morehead School in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides such a program in a residential setting. Students live in dormitories on campus with meals provided by the campus cafeteria. Around the clock staffing is provided to work with participants and handle any special needs. Each student will work on personal and work goals developed jointly by the student and the rehabilitation staff. Classes are small with students receiving a considerable amount of individual attention. Our Rehabilitation Center for the Blind Video explains more about it.

Classes may include:

  • Braille
  • Daily living skills
  • Safe travel
  • Keyboarding and adaptive technology use
  • Communication skills
  • Transitional services

Student Graduation Speech

In addition to individualized classes, you will have available:

For high school students, the Rehabilitation Center provides a summer transition program. This special program is designed to provide students with information and skills needed to be successful after leaving high school.

The VR process is designed so you can be an informed and empowered consumer able to make good decisions about your employment goals.

Assistive Technology Training

In addition to basic keyboarding and computer training, we provide training in the use of various types of assistive technology that can enable you to have access to print information. Examples of assistive technology include speech output software, large print software, Braille display devices, scanners, and Braille printers. More information on assistive technology.

College/University Training

If you need college or university training in order to get or keep a job, one of our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors may be able to assist you. Training may be provided if necessary to meet your work goal.

Vocational Training

If you need training through a community college, technical school, business or trade school to get or keep a job, one of our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors may be able to assist you.

On-the-Job Training

We can assist you with training on a job (OJT) while you learn skills and gain the knowledge necessary to fully and adequately perform the required duties.

Supported Employment / Job Coaching

Sometimes a job can be learned best by having a one-on-one instructor or job coach. Through our Supported Employment Service we can provide short-term job coaching and ongoing follow-up.

Food Service/Vending Training

We provide training to legally blind people who are interested in working in food service or vending through our Business Enterprises Program. After successfully completing training provided by the Division, an individual may compete to operate one of the food or vending facilities under contract with the Division. Facilities are located across the State on federal, state, county, and private property.

Rehabilitation for the Blind Video




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Updated: December 19, 2011